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Tracking and Reporting

Here are some methods to track readership and subsequent citations.

eCommons and SelectedWorks

eCommons is the University of Dayton’s open-access institutional repository, provides a permanent home for the scholarly work of the University’s faculty, staff and students. Putting your working, accepted and published papers, posters, presentations and creative works in eCommons increases the discoverability of your work through major search engines. After you upload your scholarship or creative work, eCommons tracks downloads and sends you a monthly readership report. 

SelectedWorks, administered by bepress, provides scholars with a means to collect their biographical information, teaching and research in one place to showcase their scholarly work, communicate with others in the field, and attract or maintain research partnerships and funding. It’s somewhat similar to the faculty biographies on department websites … but the URL is permanent, and new scholarship in eCommons can be added to it in just a few clicks.

Google Scholar Citations

Register for a free Google Scholar Citations account to make a list of your publications and view auto-generated graphs for times cited within Google Scholar, plus your h-index, i-10 index, times cited.

WorldCat Identities

WorldCat Identities provides aggregated information about authors of books published in the U.S., including their works and a profile of library holdings worldwide.

Cited References

Cited References will inform you who has cited your article since its publication. View these screenshots for how various databases feature Cited References.

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