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How do I use a microform reader?

Information on how to use the ScanPro 2000 microform machine

Getting Started

  1. Start the computer and log in 
    • University of Dayton students, faculty, and staff use their university username and password.
    • Guests must log in with the following
      • username: .\ScanPro
      • password: scanpro (all lowercase)
  2. From the computer desktop, click the PowerScan 2000 shortcut.

powerscan 2000 shortcut

Loading microfilm

  1. Pull the carrier forward to raise the upper glass.
  2. Place the roll of film on the spindle (left side) so that the film unwinds from the right side of the film (clockwise).
  3. Thread the film under the first roller, over the second roller, across the lower glass, over the third roller, under the fourth roller, and insert the film into the slot on the take-up reel.

how to thread microfilm



Loading microfiche

  1. Gently pull the carrier forward to raise the upper glass.
  2. Insert the microfiche between the glass plates, face down under the raised glass, placing it so that the band on top with information about the microfiche goes onto the plate first.
  3. Push the carrier forward until the top glass plate lowers all the way. Use the carrier handle to move it around until the image you want is under the camera.
  4. Pull, push, and slide the tray forward, backward, left and right to view different parts of the microfiche.

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