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In Text Citations

1. Citation Using a Signal Phrase
Gitlin (2001) pointed out that “political critics, convinced that the media are rigged against them, are often blind to other substantial reasons why their causes are unpersuasive” (p. 141).

2. Parenthetical Citation
If the author is not named in a signal phrase, end the sentence with the author’s last name, the year, and page numbers in parentheses. (Gitlin, 2001, p. 141)

3. Multiple Authors
A recent study has suggested that many women do not negotiate their salaries and pay raises as vigorously as their male counterparts do (Babcock & Laschever, 2003).

4. Unknown Author
The employment profiles for this time period substantiated this trend (Federal Employment, 2001).

Source: Lunsford, A. A. (2009). The everyday writer (4th ed.). Bedford/St. Martin's.

References & Bibliography: APA 7th Edition

1. Book

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Title and subtitle italicized. Publisher.

Example: King, B. J. (2017). Personalities on the plate: The lives and minds of animals we eat. University of Chicago Press.

2. Anthology/Book Chapter

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Selection title. In Initials, Editor Last Name (Eds.), Book Title italicized (page numbers). Publisher.

Example: Board, J. (2016). The paradox of right and wrong. In R. Bolden, M. Witzel, & N. Linacre (Eds.), Leadership paradoxes: Rethinking leadership for an uncertain world (pp. 131-150). Routledge.

3. Article

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials. (Date). Article title. Journal Title italicized, volume number italicized(issue number), page numbers. Digital Object Identifier.

Example: Mitchell, T. (2002). McJihad: Islam in the U.S. global order. Social Text, 20(4), 1-18.

4. Website

Author Last Name, First & Middle Initials or Sponsor Organization. (Date). “Page title.” Website Title italicized. URL.

Example: Lipson, C. (2010). “Advice on getting a good recommendation.”

Source: Lipson, C. (2018). Cite right: A quick guide to citation styles- MLA, APA, Chicago, the sciences, professions, and more (3rd ed.). The University of Chicago Press.

APA Style

Consult the APA Manual, which can be found on the first floor of Roesch Library in the reference section. 

APA Video

From California State University Dominguez Hills. A three-minute video illustrating the parts of an APA citation. 

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