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SOC 408: Kadowaki

Citation Chaining

You have an article (the Jones article, e.g.) with a bibliography at the end, so searching for those materials cited in the bibliography is fairly easy.  What is more difficult is finding out who has used the Jones article since it was published.


1.  SocINDEX and Academic Search Complete:  Selected ability to look at an article’s bibliography (CITED REFERENCES) as well as to see how many times the article has been cited by others in the database (TIMES CITED IN THIS DATABASE).


2.  Web of Science.  Allows users to plug in a citation and see who else has used that work in another paper. 

Can search by TOPIC or by CITED REFERENCES.  It’s strength is in the cited reference searching.

To do a cited reference search, look by author’s LAST NAME and letters of FIRST NAME.
NOTE:  If you do not know the middle initial, use the asterisk *


3.  Google ScholarIncludes a CITED BY link at the end of the of the citation.  

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