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Libraries Course Guides

MBA 798: Shockley


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide for MBA 798. Click on the tabs to explore the many resources available to support the research requirements for this course.
Additional resources are available on the University Libraries website, including links to other databases, a search tool for the online catalog, hours and policies, library computing information, and much more.

A Word about Using Course Hero and Related Sites for This Class: DON'T

If you are thinking about using Course Hero (or similar sites such as,, Cramster, Notehall,, Koofers,, Sparknotes) for this class -- don't.

Using materials from these sites is like using a friend's paper as a source.  This violates the UD Academic Honor Code.

In addition, "when courses are finished, remember that the only intellectual property you own is that which you create by yourself.  You are not permitted to distribute other group members' work, or your faculty member's work (including Powerpoint, tests, etc)., to anyone including websites such as Course Hero, without their permission.  Doing so is a violation of federal copyright law in addition to being a Honor Code violation."




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