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HST 372: Carter

Research Paper

Welcome to the HST 372 course guide, which is intended to help you locate textbooks, scholarly monographs, and primary sources for your research paper.

Research paper requirements:

  • either one or two (two is recommended but not required) textbook accounts of these events (from either high school or college-level textbooks from within the past seventy years or so)
  • one or two scholarly monographs on the subject written by a professional historian (a good rule of thumb is something published by a university press)
  • two primary sources related to your event

Specific Textbook Titles

Our American Catholic Heritage (1972) 

Pioneers and Patriots of America (1926) 

United States History, Grade 7 (1965) 

A Nation United (1952) 

Leaders of Freedom (1953, republished 1997) 

Bearers of Freedom (1952, republished 1997) 

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