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HST 299: Benjamen


Welcome to your library course guide for HST299 with Dr. Benjamen. This guide is organized to help you find reliable information resources that support the assignments and research requirements for this course, as well as guidelines for citing sources with helpful examples. 

This guide is an excellent starting point for your work in this course, and there are even more resources available for you through Roesch Library:

  • Meet with your librarian, Heidi Gauder, for assistance using library databases, locating additional sources of information, and research and citation advice for your course assignments
  • Learn about other services on the University Libraries' website 


Task 1  Fill out this very brief survey

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Sources and Method Guidance

A Basic Approach to Human Rights Research

Murray, Daragh, Yvonne McDermott, and K. Alexa Koenig. "Mapping the use of open source research in UN Human Rights investigations.Journal of Human Rights Practice 14, no. 2 (2022): 554-581.
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