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ENG 200: Knabe


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to ENG 200 with Prof. Knabe. Click on the tabs to explore the many resources available to support the research requirements for this course.


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Understand the Assignment

Paper #2


The following two prompts are the starting point of your second paper. Each prompt focuses on a topic and is followed by potential questions that you might want to investigate. Pick only one of the two topics listed for your paper. In your paper include at least 4 secondary sources. These should be listed at the end of your paper in an MLA style bibliography.  

  1. Analyze the role female bodies play in the soccer film “Offside” (2006). How is power related to the notion of “looking” (gaze) in this film? What role does the space “soccer stadium” play in the gender conflict displayed in this film?
  2. Analyze the role violence and masculinity play in the soccer film “Green Street Hooligans” (2005). How are violence and gender related to one another? What functions do women/female bodies have in this film?

Plan Your Project

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