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CMM 381: Taylor

An introduction to research sources for students in CMM381.


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' research guide for CMM381: Faith and Free Expression with Professor Taylor.

Comments? Wish to schedule a research consultation? See my contact information. 

Course description: CMM 381 Faith and Free Expression explores how the First Amendment’s prohibition on government interference in religion and speech supports – and limits – people’s expressions of faith in the public sphere. Students will analyze federal and state case law, and consider historical, political and social influences on current perceptions of religious and speech rights. Students will discuss and debate issues where individuals’ rights collide, such as prayer in school, faith and business practices, hate speech and more. Ultimately, students will gain a more nuanced understanding of and appreciation for the First Amendment and its impact on American society, as well how their own religious expression might affect others. 

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