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POL 371: Pautz


Interest Groups

Lobbyists & Lobbying  "The nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy"


LDA Reports--U.S. Senate  Section 209 of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 requires the Secretary of the Senate to make all documents filed under the Lobbying Disclosure Act available to the public. This law requires that lobbyists make good faith efforts to provide a report of “lobbying activities” and “lobbying contacts.”

Lobbying Disclosure--U.S. House of Representatives  Same database, slightly different search engine.

Voting Records

Project Vote Smart
Voting records and interest group ratings for current elected officials
Votes from 1989 to the present, compiled by the Library of Congress
Breakdowns of votes in both chambers of Congress since 1996

Industry intelligence

USE THE FOLLOWING DATABASES FOR:   industry performance & outlook analyses, competitive landscape, key industry statistics

Relevant industries & NAICS codes

Plastics Bottle Manufacturing - NAICS Code 326160

Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing - NAICS Code 325211

Additional Information 
Created by Civic Impulse "to help the public research and track the activities in the U.S. Congress, promoting and innovating government transparency. You'll find here the status of U.S. federal legislation, voting records for the Senate and House of Representatives, information on Members of Congress, district maps, as well as congressional committees and the Congressional Record."

Lawmaker Ratings, from The Hill.  Evaluation of lawmakers by various advocacy groups. 


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