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Kindles: FAQ

Basic information about using the Kindles purchased by Roesch Library

Answers to common questions

1. How do I reserve a Kindle or a specific book on Kindle?

Type “kindle electronic book reader” as a title search or use this link. Click on Kindle1 or Kindle2. When the record displays, click on the Hold button and provide the required information.

2. Can I read the Kindle in the dark?

No, the Kindle is not backlit, so you will need to read the Kindle under a light, just as you would a book.

3. Why can’t I renew the Kindle?

We expect the Kindles to be very popular. In order to give more people an opportunity to borrow the Kindle, there are no renewals.

4. Why are the late fees higher than those for books?

Since the Kindles are very popular, we want to encourage users to return them on time. For that same reason, there is no grace period.

5. Can I save anything to the Kindle?

This is possible, but anything saved will be deleted when the Kindle is returned.

6. What happens if I lose or damage the Kindle?

You will be charged a fee based on the damage up to the cost of replacement.

7. Can I request a title be loaded on the Kindle?

Patrons may request titles by filling out a request form. There is a $50.00 price limit for new titles. You will be notified when the Kindle is ready for your use.

8. Can textbooks be loaded on the Kindle?

The library will not purchase or load textbooks onto the Kindle.

 9. Are all titles on each Kindle?

Yes, it does not matter which Kindle you check out. Each Kindle has all titles loaded.

10. Do I place a hold on a specific title or on a Kindle?

You place a hold on the Kindle.

11. How do I know which books I might request that the library purchase for the Kindle?

Available titles that can be suggested for purchase can be browsed through the Shop in Kindle Store. On the Kindle, press the Menu button, highlight Turn Wireless On/Off, and press the controller to turn on the wireless. Use the Shop in Kindle Store option from the home menu to look at titles or go directly to Amazon's Kindle Store.

12. What happens if I don’t use the Kindle for a few minutes?

The Kindle will go to sleep if not used for 10 minutes. Slide the power switch to wake it up. You have to turn off the Kindle manually by sliding the power switch and holding it until the screen goes blank. Putting the Kindle to sleep or turning it off when you are not using it will help save battery life.

13. What happens if the battery runs out?

The battery should not run down with normal usage. Turning off the wireless will help preserve battery life. Between the time the Kindle is returned and the next user is notified (48 hours), the Kindle will be recharged and any new titles added.

14. How can I tell if the battery is getting low?

Look at the battery icon in the upper righthand corner of the Kindle. As the the battery is depleted, less of the battery is filled in. If there is a problem bring the Kindle back to the circulation desk so that the reader can be recharged if necessary.

15. Will the library download any of its Kindle titles onto my personal Kindle?

Sorry, but we will not be doing that. You will have to place a hold on a Kindle to read any of the library's purchased titles.

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