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Kindles: Getting Started

Basic information about using the Kindles purchased by Roesch Library

Explanation of Buttons

Turning the Kindle on and off with the power switch

                To turn on, slide and release the power switch on the top left of the Kindle.

                To turn off, slide and hold the power switch until the screen goes blank.

                To put the Kindle into sleep mode, slide and hold the power switch for about 4 seconds. A screensaver will appear.


Useful buttons on the Kindle

                Home displays a list of titles stored on the Kindle.              

                Menu displays application and navigation choices that are related to the screen being viewed such as Search, options for navigating
                to different sections of the book being read.

                5-way controller is a button located between the Menu and Back buttons. Push the controller up, down, left, or right to scroll
                through screens. You can select titles to read or actions by pressing the button.

                Next Page takes you to the next page in your book.

                Previous Page takes you to the previous page in your book.

                Back retraces your steps on the Kindle. You can, for example, read a definition and then press the Back button to return to
                your place.

                Text Key (Aa) is located on the bottom right corner of the keypad and is used to select font size, screen rotation, and
                Text-to-Speech audio option.


Selecting a title to read

Press the Home button to display the list of titles. Move the 5-way controller up or down to scroll through the list of titles and then press the controller to open the title.


Reading a book

After you select a title and open the book, move the controller to select the cover, table of contents, or first page of text. After selecting an option, press the controller and begin reading. The Kindle remembers where you stopped reading, automatically saves your page, and opens the book to that location when you resume reading.


Additional features

Change font size by pressing the Text Key (Aa) and choosing the size you prefer.
Turn on the text to speech function by pressing the Text Key (Aa). Scroll with the controller to underline ‘text to speech’ button. Press the controller to select ‘turn on.’ There is a jack for headphones and a volume control on the top edge of the Kindle.

Find a word in the text in the Kindle dictionary in two ways.

1.  Use the controller to place the cursor in front of the word you want defined. The  definition appears at the bottom of the screen. View the full definition by pressing the return key on the keyboard. Return to the text by pressing the Back button.

2.  To search for a specific word in the text, press the space bar, enter the text word in the search box, and press the controller.

There is a detailed Kindle User’s Guide on the Kindle. Use the Home button and scroll through the titles to find the guide.


                                                 FRONT VIEW



                                                TOP VIEW 



                                               BOTTOM VIEW

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