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ENG 198: Saxton

Exploring Hospitality

FROM THE ASSIGNMENT: You are choosing a topic of your choice surrounding hospitality. The topic will likely be an analysis of some sort (literary, cultural, historical)... your goal will be to create a carefully researched and supported argument to an academic audience.


What is hospitality?

"The act or practice of being hospitable; the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, with liberality and goodwill."

“hospitality, n., sense 1.a”. Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, July 2023, <>

What does it mean to be hospitable?

"Offering or affording welcome and entertainment to strangers; extending a generous hospitality to guests and visitors."

“hospitable, adj., sense 1.a”. Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, September 2023, <>

Jacques Derrida's Philosophy of Hospitality

"... absolute hospitality requires that I open up my home and that I give not only to the foreigner (provided with a family name, with the social status of being a foreigner, etc.), but to the absolute, unknown, anonymous other, and that I give place to them, that I let them come, that I let them arrive, and take place in the place I offer them, without asking of them either reciprocity (entering into a pact) or even their names."

J. Derrida (2000), Of Hospitaiity, p. 25.

Topics in Hospitality

The theme of hospitality can be found in a wide array of topics and disciplines. This section lists some common topics in hospitality, but it is not exhaustive. Each topic includes a sampling of scholarly articles. While these may not be applicable to the topic for your paper, they may provide some research breadcrumbs to help you in your search. Take a look at:

  • The keywords listed by the authors. Are any of these appropriate for your search?
  • The publication in which the article appears. Are there similar articles in this journal that can help you?
  • Works cited. Are any relevant to your topic? 
When in doubt, ask for help! Book a Librarian for 1-1 research assistance.

Hospitality in Literature

Hospitality in Religion

Hospitality in Immigration and Migration

Hospitality in Customs, Culture, & Identity


Hospitality in Sports

Hospitality in Television and Film

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