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ENG 200: Webb

Search the Library Catalog

Catalog: Keyword Searching

In the library catalog, you will find print books, ebooks, videos and more.  Use keywords in the search box above to find relevant materials.  Selecting advanced search will show multiple search boxes and allow you to filter results right away.  This is helpful if you need items that are more current (filter by year range), or if you need physical books (select material type), etc.

Catalog: Subject Headings

Subject headings are found in the records for items; these are the main ideas and main topics of that resource.  If you find one that matches your research topic, you can click the subject heading link to see every item in the catalog that shares that main idea.  Please note, the subject headings are predefined and set in the system.  All words and punctuation must be duplicated exactly, so it's hard to guess at a matching subject heading.  The best way to use these is to locate a book or source that looks useful, and click the headings from within that description!

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