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CJS 207: Kallsen

Types of Analysis

Macro-level: Broad systems, institutions
  • Example: impact of state policy on teen dating violence prevalence

  • Example: economic impact of gangs on nations

Meso-level: Groups, communities
  • Example: young people from minority groups and their interactions with police and law enforcement

  • Example: interactions between gangs 

Micro-level: Interactions of individuals or small groups
  • Example: association between age at first alcohol use and suicidal ideation among high school students

  • Example: everyday lives of gang members

Research Methods

Content Analysis: study of written, oral, or visual artifacts to examine patterns, meanings and relationships
Surveys: collects data from subjects who respond to a series of questions about behaviors and opinions
  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
Field Research:  interacts with or observes a person or people and gathers data along the way
  • Ethnography: extended observation of the social perspective and cultural values of an entire social setting
  • Case Studies: in-depth analysis of a single event, situation, or individual.
  • Observation
Experiment: investigate relationships to test a hypothesis
Secondary Data Analysis: study works written by others, interpret findings, add depth
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