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ENG 200: Saxton

Catalog Searching

The catalog is the place to search for BOOKS, JOURNALS, and DATABASES.  (Use databases to search for individual articles.)


If you're looking for a specific journal title, start by selecting Advanced Search, then pick the Title field, and then select Journal/Periodical for the Material Type.


Searching this way will put the journal titles with your keyword (e.g., "Film") at the top of the results list.

Meet the Booleans (AND OR NOT)

You can combine words in your search to make it more specific (AND, NOT) or broader (OR)

AND      vultures AND buzzards     Searches for both terms.
OR      college OR university           Searches for either term.
NOT      woods NOT tiger                 Searches for woods but NOT Tiger Woods.


Most databases use a special character (wild card) to search all the possible words for a given suffix.


Web of Science uses *; the library catalog uses * for 1-5 characters and ** for unlimited characters.


comput* would search:

  • computer
  • computers
  • computation
  • computational
  • computing
  • computerize, etc


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