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Story Studio

A reference guide for how to use the Story Studio, an easy-to-use video recording and editing space.

How to Use the Story Studio Editing Software

Outside the Story Studio are three Work Stations with provided monitors. Two of the monitors are Windows, with one Mac computer. To access your recorded footage, login to one of the computers and plug in your USB behind a monitor. 

  • I logged into a computer. Which editing software should I use?
    • The Story Studio has three video editing software provided and free to use: Camtasia, IMovie (Mac), and Adobe After effects. Camtasia and IMovie (Mac) are best for students looking for easy to use software and quick editing. Programs such as Adobe After Effects are also provided with more advanced features. Please seek a Story Studio assistant if you have any questions regarding video editing software.
  • How do I upload my video?
    • Before you start uploading and editing your video, it is strongly recommended to import any footage you want to use to your Desktop. You can access and locate your recorded videos in the Story Studio folder created in your USB. The videos are saved as MP4 files.
    • In Camtasia, IMovie, and After Effects, navigate to File > Open and navigate to your USB. Click on the video footage (an MP4 file located in your Story Studio Recording folder) and click upload. Uploading your footage directly from your USB drive will cause an error popup below. To avoid this, please import your videos to your Desktop first.
  • How do I cut and clip a video? How do I put them together? How do I add transitions? 
    • In Camtasia, IMovie, and After Effects there are provided tools you can use to edit, trim, add transitions and other effects to your Story Studio video. Please contact a Story Studio Assistant if you need help with any of our editing software.
  • How do I save my project?
    • IMovie has a straightforward exporting process. Go to File > Share > File, select the video quality you want exported, select where you want your video saved, and click Save.
    • Camtasia has an awkward exporting system. In the Export menu on the topmost bar are options provided for exporting your video. It is not recommend that students go to the Export menu under File, because there is no MP4 option when saving your work under that submenu. However, under the Export menu, there is an MP4 option (Local File) along with Google Drive and other useful sites to export your video to. You can save your editing progress as a Camtasia file (just like how Photoshop and After Effects files work).
    • Open the Export Menu to find a list of options you can export your video to. You can export via Local file, Youtube, Google Drive, and other video exporting and uploading options.
    • Please contact a Story Studio Assistant if you need help exporting software from After Effects.
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