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ASI 375

A research guide for students in ASI 375


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to ASI 375:  Professional Ethics in a Globalized Society

Use the links on the left to explore research resources. 


Research Prompt:

According to the objective for the ASI 375 course, students will “demonstrate a critical understanding of the debates about the nature of globalization, its causes, and its outcomes.” In addition to class readings and discussion, students will aim to achieve this objective through researching and writing a short paper on globalization.

More specifically, students should follow this process:

  1. Pay close attention to specific developments, phenomena, institutions, or events associated with globalization as they are introduced and discussed in the Steger book and in the classroom.
  2. Use the chapters in Steger’s book to distinguish different dimensions of the phenomena of globalization (e.g., economic, political, cultural, etc).
  3. Choose one significant aspect of globalization (preferably under one of the headings above) that you would like to pursue further research about.
  4. Keep in mind that the aim of the paper is both to develop your understanding of the particular aspect of globalization that you’ve chosen as well as to analyze how your sources evaluate that aspect ethically.
  5. After you have chosen an initial area for research, schedule a meeting with Dr. Thompson to discuss and refine your paper topic.
  6. After this meeting, using the library research methodology you learned in ASI 120 (about which I’ll refresh everyone’s memory, if needed), begin research on your topic, keeping in mind the aims of the paper as listed in #4 above.
  7. Your paper should include the following elements:
    1. An introduction that catches the reader’s attention and sets out the basic subject of the paper.
    2. A thesis statement about what you are going to argue for or claim in the paper.
    3. A body that both explains in more detail the particular element of globalization that you have chosen and also analyzes the ethical evaluations of that element that you find in (at least two of) your sources. For this analysis, you should use the Toulmin form of argumentation that we have discussed in class.
    4. A conclusion which offers your own evaluation of the aspect of globalization that you have chosen, using the same Toulmin form of argumentation.
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