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Sketching Success: Assessing learning outcomes with concept maps: Home

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Stephanie Shreffler

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Learn how one library uses concept maps to conduct both quick and in-depth assessments of student learning. This technique evolved into a more formal assessment with pre- and post-testing for both one-shot instruction sessions and semester-long research classes. After transcribing the concepts to spreadsheets, librarians standardize the terms and map them to ACRL Information Literacy Standards for more rigorous analysis and assessment. Discover how concept maps can be easily utilized for assessment.



Students are asked to map their own research process at the start and end of the course.  The conditions were as similar as possible:  same question, same time allocated.

Map words transcribed into Excel
Taxonomy applied to map words
Standardized terms mapped to ACRL Information Literacy Standards

Subject Librarian

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Heidi Gauder
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