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ENG490: The Beat Generation: Home

A guide to learning more about the literary movement of the 1950s, the Beat Generation.

Suggested Websites - The homepage for the Beat museum in San Francisco, California. Their blog keeps updates of current happenings in the Beat world. - A collection of stories, articles, videos, and more about Jack Kerouac's opus, On the Road. - An interesting look at the magazine that compiles Beat articles and historical contexts.


Welcome to the University of Dayton Libraries' guide to the literary movement of the 1950s known as the Beat Generation. Whether you are doing research for Dr. Carrillo’s seminar course or searching your own personal interests, you will find your informational needs on the tabs above.

The English Department at the University of Dayton is committed to broadening the understanding of language and literature. This is done through intensive comprehending of texts, expanding on literary theories and criticisms, and improving written communication to better express an opinion.

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Members of the Beat Generation: (Back) Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky

(Front) Gregory Corso, Lafcardio Orlovsky

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This guide was created by Joseph Wooley, University of Dayton, Class of 2014.